Default configuration.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_ENDPOINT = '/schemas'

Default schema endpoint.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_HOST = 'localhost'

Default json schema host.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_LOADER_CLS = None

Loader class used in JSONRef when replacing $ref.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_REGISTER_ENDPOINTS_API = True

Register the endpoints on the API app.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_REGISTER_ENDPOINTS_UI = True

Register the endpoints on the UI app.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_REPLACE_REFS = False

Whether to resolve $ref before serving a schema.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_RESOLVER_CLS = 'invenio_jsonschemas.utils.resolve_schema'

Resolver used to resolve the schema.

if invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_RESOLVE_SCHEMA is True or there is ?resolved=1 parameter on the request the resolver will run over the schema. This can be used for custom schemas resolver.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_RESOLVE_SCHEMA = False

Whether to resolve schema using the Resolver Class.

If is True, will replace $ref and run the invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_RESOLVER_CLS class before serving a schema.

invenio_jsonschemas.config.JSONSCHEMAS_URL_SCHEME = 'https'

Default url scheme for schemas.